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How To Make A Relationship Actually Work: 7 Rules to Follow Secret Revealed

Relationship nowadays are not easy as that of back days, but now many couples end their relationship too early, because of minor misunderstanding they have.

Even now, couples are capable of making their relationship last long and better If both decide to work on it and make it last.

Here Are The 7 ways To Make Relationship Work

1. Get Ready To Overcome Misunderstanding

Hundred percent 100% perfection is not possible in human being. Misunderstanding occurs In relationship. i.e abuses, legal problems, unfaithfulness and greediness. You don't need to end a relationship because of minor misunderstanding.

2. Always Keep Yourself Emotional


Most people, have behaviors dysfunction that can destroy a relationship in a blink of eye. 

The most common problem that ends relationship are lack of good communication and poor emotional intelligence.

3. Give Each Other Space

Even people in happy relationships need some time alone with their friends, working on their aims or just being silent for sometime. You don't have to worry if your partner ask for time for themselves but it should not be unnecessary.

Having free spaces for each other also helps in making relationship strong.

4. Lack Of Communication

Many relationship come to an end as a result of silence, some partners don't care to check on their partner which is wrong.

calling or checking on one is a very strong way of increasing love and affection.

5. Never Pay Back With Bad Behaviour

Bad behaviour is not good and should not be a reward for being shown true love. If your partner is doing something that is hurting you and he or she is not ready to change, you need to make it end.

Sometimes relationship is like an old shoes, the more it get old the more we try to leave it; which is wrong and should not be treated like that it requires cuddling and care.

6. Seek For Advice

When your relationship is in the redline you should seek advice from good friends in other to keep working. Don't always take action alone or when you are angry, seeking advice is better.

7. Support It With Affection

A good Relationship supposed to be fun, filled with love and care. People in long term should not forget this, if they do it result to breakup which is wrong. They have to keep the memories alive.

Have a time to play with each other have fun, share and solve your problems together. Talk to each other in a polite way, cuddle each other. These things are what make relationship so strong and wonderful.

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