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Watch out for these three things to know if someone is trying to scam you

Scammers employ several tricks to separate people from their hard earned money, assets and other valuables.

In this article, I shall discuss three signs that may indicate that the person contacting you is a scammer.

1. You did not initiate the first call

If you are aware of the problem and didn't initiate the first call, it is a very good sign that the person contacting you is a scammer. For example scammers often pose as bank customer care agents to deceive unsuspecting customers. They ask for sensitive account information that could be dangerous for the account holder.

Therefore, pay attention to such calls, and report them to the bank, security or any other appropriate agencies.

2. The caller could not offer a rational reason for calling

If the caller could not give a reasonable explanation of what he wants, it is a good indication that you are talking to a scammer. When he or she says things like; we are updating our records so i need you to provide your I.D number, date of birth, BVN and so on. Do not oblige such persons. All confidential information are usually required to be given in person.

3. The caller asks you to act fast

When he or asks you to act fast to take advantage of an opportunity, it is very likely that such persons are scammers. Scammers often rely on a persons greed in order to scam him, therefore, they prey on their victims emotions telling them about juicy offers requiring quick responses.

Therefore, be very vigilant of the calls you receive and report any suspicious call to the appropriate authority.

Thank you for your time.

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