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(Mystery Girl) Type Of Women Men Should Avoid

Are you constantly asking your friends why you can't meet a decent girl you like? If you find that the women you date always turn out to be annoying or weird in some way, maybe by her attitude, 

the way she talk by responding to you or her talking manner, maybe you're just choosing the wrong type of woman. For example you should beware of the club girl, 

who has been practically been living in bars and clubs since she hit the legal drinking age, as well as the mystery girl, who deliberately tries to confuse you with her good deed or performance. 

Obviously, there isn't just one type of woman that is right for every guy, there are thousands of fish in the sea and you will never find two that are exactly alike. 

However, there are certain categories of women that should be avoided at all costs. In Nigeria today, you exactly know category of them in lagos, Trust me, if you steer clear of the following, you'll avoid some major headaches in the future.

The drinking woman: many guys today don't mind of seeing their girl drinking not until they finally been together as couple. shortly, they will start having a problem, fighting, beating, blasphemy and other.

So much more reasons for the causes of single mothers in town today..

I stopped here, I will continue in my next article. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow "seedorfbiggy" one love.

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