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Divorce Affair

3 Ways To Politely Turn Down Advances From Married Men

As a woman single or married you are bound to get advances all the time from all sort and types of men even the married men, as a woman you should never be caught engaging in illicit affairs with a married man whether he has his rings on or off. Below are 3 ways to politely turn down advances from married men:

1.) Tell him about the gospel: One sure way to turn down advances from married men is to constantly preach the word of God to him, tell him about how God frowns as adultery and how you wouldn't want to offend God by participating in such acts with him.

2.) Tell him you would notify his family: To me I think this is the fastest way to discard any married man pressurizing you into having an illicit relationship with him, if he is still very persistent tell him that you would notify his family the next time he approaches you for an illicit relationship.

3.) Tell him you are in serious relationship: You can also tell him that you are in a very serious and Godly relationship that is going to lead you to the alter very soon, if he still doesn't respect that you could further notify your man about having a little conversation with him also.

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