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Mathematical Reasons why Early Marriage is good for Everyone

Marriage institution is as old as man itself, it is something everybody most go into in other to make the most of it. The primary reason for marriage is to reproduce so that their will be continuity in the human race.

We are living in a world were most people think that getting married is not necessary, but the fact remains that it was the same marriage between their parents.

The mathematical reason why early marriage is good to everyone is that it will help you to enjoy your life more in you middle 50s. Early marriage in the case doesn't means that the man will be 18 years and the woman 15 years.

Early marriage here means that the man should be at most 25 years and the woman 23 years, from the calculation of their current ages when they gave birth the following year, by then they will be 26 and 24 years.

After 25 years the parent will be 51 and 48 year while their first child will be 25 years. At theses stage the parents will be at ease because the children are grown already.

But in the case where the man get married at 40 by 25 years time the man will become 65 while the first child will be 24. And this is not good for the man at all. Their are many other reasons why it is very important to marry on time.

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