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5 Female Behaviors That Men Love More Than Anything

There are certain favourable traits a woman could possess that commands respect and attraction from men. No matter how unscrupulous or high-handed a man is, if he sees a woman with these favourable traits, it makes him stand up to his feet. The character of a woman is her true beauty. Therefore, men seem to love women with these 5 behaviors more than anything.

1. Men love women that are loyal and humble. Humility is one thing that commands the heart of people. No man can tolerate a fish-wife. As well, no man can tolerate a woman who equates her ego to that of a man. If a lady can humble herself in her dealings with a man, she's sure to attract love and admiration from him.

2. Men fancy intelligent women beyond measures. Knowledge builds a love house in the heart. Smart and intelligent women are generally seen as an asset in the eyes of men. Men crave to be in a relationship with women who can intellectually contribute her ideas in any facet of life or contribute smart ideas that could profer a solution to a problem or add value to someone else.

3. Women that maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene are sure to get the eyes and heart of a man on her. Men do not regard women that always appear shabby.

4. Men Love and respect women who maintain their femininity. This includes the speech pattern, voice tone and body carriage of a woman. No man wants to gladly be in a relationship with a woman who possess same traits with him.

5. Women who are decent in their dress sense and orientation are sure to attract respect and love from men. No matter how perverted a man could be, he still craves for a decent woman as a wife material than another who is not decent.

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