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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Wives: 7 Ways To Seduce Your Husband If You Need His Attention

If you need your husband's attention and you do not know how to go about it, here are seven ways to seduce him.

1. Call him so many pet names

Make good use of your voice, there are sweet names for your man, this includes, my one and only, sweetest hubby, sugar plum, priceless diamond etcetera, undoubtedly, he will know that you are up to something, I think your partner should understand you better.

2. Show some positive signals

We do not communicate with our mouth only, other parts of the body can also pass a message, you can look straight into his eyes and smile, bite your lips, act as if you are feeling shy, do that repeatedly. Womenfolk are wonderful creatures with beautiful body structures that can do the magic at a particular time.

3. Pretend as if you are sad and make sure he noticed that

You will agree with me that some ladies love their husbands to pet them, this could be a nice way to get his attention. I think he'll definitely what to know the reason why you are unhappy, then make judicious use of the opportunity.

4. Engage in a playful mood with your heartthrob. Nothing stops you from playing with your love.

5. Tell him you want to rest your head on his chest.

6. Dress in a lovely fabric. It is advisable to look more beautiful for your partner especially in your closet, this is very important.

7. Jokingly tell him to remove dirt from your eyes

When he noticed that you are joking, do not hesitate to let him know how important he is in your life, no doubt, the atmosphere will be a bit lively because this singular act is so funny.

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