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"She is already useless" - People reacts to the chat between a girl and her crush (screenshot)

When it comes to relationship, alot of things has been happening lately. these days we are all advised to guard our hearts so that we dont end up heart broken. 

   Below are screenshot of a leaked conversation between a young girl and her crush, who she believed was also into her. by now I believe she has learnt her lessons never to give her all in a relationship, especially when the guy has not officially made his intentions known to you.

    Alot of Facebook users where filled with mixed reactions as they went through the heartbreaking chat, between the young girl who believed she had found love. 

  A lot of people blamed her for her act, while few blamed the guy for calling her name's as they claimed that she did it for love.

See screenshots of the chats

Continuation of the chat

See screenshots of reactions

She might have done it out of love, but it is only made the guy think wrongly of her. from the conversation, it is obvious that the girl is deeply in love with him. most of the commenters who took side with her happens to be guys, while most girls slammed her for being unwise.

  What do you think about this conversation, should the girl be blamed for everything, or should the blames be on the guy?

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