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6 Issues That Can Be Solved Through Relationship Counselling

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How many relationship problems must a couple have before going to therapy? Everyone has disagreements, and you can solve most of them without the need for third-party intervention.

However, having a different, educated perspective is sometimes the only way to understand one another; it’s either that or splitting up.

Do you and your significant other argue a lot? Are either of you jealous? Do you have no privacy? It might be time to go to therapy if you’re currently experiencing one of these relationship problems below:

1. Particularly in the short term, relationship counseling is helpful to communicate the needs of each partner in a relationship. There are many unspoken feelings and thoughts which are sometimes hard to identify and express. Relationship counseling is helpful in identifying those feelings, and in expressing feelings in a manner which communicates and in a way that does not injure another.

2. Relationship counseling is also particularly good in protecting each party from harm, caused by avoiding misunderstandings and using newly learned therapeutic language common to both parties. For example, X thinks Y is true and Z doesn't think about Y but focuses on W instead. Yet, both parties often mistakenly think the other is listening, being sympathetic and understanding.

3. Relationship counseling helps two individuals determine the course of their lives within the context of the relationship, and without it.

4. Relationship counseling is a good idea when evaluating the process and desirability of combining one's life with another. It helps to suss out individual dreams and needs, and lets us see if these are compatible with one another.

5. Jealousy, insecurity, laziness, fear, fearlessness, risk taking, h*donism, s*xuality, grooming, habits, dreams and beliefs are all aspects of being human (there are others which should be included here, too) and are issues which relationship counseling can address.

6. Solving issues that arise in a relationship requires both parties to care so much for one another and the relationship that they are willing to do what it takes to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. Then, self discipline is required to carry out what is agreed upon. Issues about self discipline are appropriate to address in relationship counseling, too.

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