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Husband and wife relationship

Candid Advice To Men

You beat your wife every now and then,any single mistake you slaps and beat her up because you've seen some skinny ladies outside deceiving you, my brother let me ask you a question.. 

The day you went to their house prostrating like aboki man all in the name of seeking their daughter's hand in marriage is this your agreement with the family members? 

The first year of your marriage was Rossy because that figure 8 shape is still there now she gave birth you don't like her structure again, what gives you assurance that those ladies outside can give you the respect your wife gives you?

 Though they might respect you as a king during your first encounter to gain your attention thats how you do the first time when you are loitering to get that beautiful damsel(your wife)the one you turn to punching never tell her you will become a mad dog.

In my study and research about women I mean real women not the roadside ladies real women obeys their husband's especially when they gave birth to your child,they want to stick to one man,no woman want men to be count for her but due to your own selfish interest you maltreat the woman to the extent of divorcing her sir, you are a fool.

You as a man that likes beating your wife you turn yourself to Bruice Lee,Weldon continue may God gives you the strength to be beating her but let me ask you something now you take her like your kid sister you're beating her what if by mistake she overcome you and you lost your life in the cause of the argument you will blame yourself or your village people??

You don't have any right to raise your hand on your wife instead of that you leave the house for her,women hate men to leave the house or reject food because of misunderstanding she would even be the one to be calling you on phone to know your where about,let me tell you what you don't know today its true that you have power but do you know Adam has been in the Garden for the past 103 years without seeing Satan?..but the day woman steps in that's the day Adam know who Satan is.

If woman behave to you like someone who have seen devil that house will be very hot so there for things that brings bitterness and sweetness to the world they are both within women.


Content created and supplied by: Ndamanmaliki (via Opera News )

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