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Islamic Perspective of Falling in Love with a Person Your Meet on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Islamic Perspective of Falling in Love with a Person Your Meet on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Can I fall in love with a boy or girl Just by Chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp?

Answer- Yes, not only you but any one can Fall in Love with any boy or girl just by Chatting with them on Facebook or other social sites. And it is what that is happening everywhere. 

You can Claim that I can't but there is 90℅ chance that you will start feeling something towards your chatting partner. 

This is How it Starts. 

In the beginning, it seems very logical and within boundary chats. 

And calling each other as bro and sis. 

And may be discussing some authentic religious doubts and confusions.

But Soon, Shaitan gets new clients and start whisperings. 

So both start cracking jokes, even turning simple things into a matter of great laughter. Because Shaitan knows very well that the first way to get any girl impressed is make her laugh as much as possible even by making your own fun. 

Then Simple personal matters come into the topic of discussion. 

As name, address, qualification, age, family etc. 

Then sharing likes and dislikes, 

Then feelings.

Then phone numbers.

Then both start expressing their true feelings about each other. 

So far, Shaitan has made two dedicated clients of Zina. 

So now they incourage each other to share. 

Images, videos, adult jokes, talking about having Fun. 

If both are from same city. Then Shaitan also arranges for Dating. 

Then, You know very well.

And my explanation described above is not based on only my silly knowledge but also on the introspection of a hadith in which our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, 

"When a man and woman is alone the third among them is Shaitan." (Tirmidhi) 

And Shaitan never inspires a couple to pray in the midnight even if they are chatting at 11pm to 3am. Or at anytime.

May Allah forgive us and guide us in the right path. Ameen.

Do you Islam Support Falling in Islam with the person you meet on Facebook?

Answer: No. Because of the evils of Zina we have mentioned above, Islam against it. So, is not advisable to chat with a stranger on Facebook, if a man wants to marry you, let him meet your parents.

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Islamic Shaitan Zina.


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