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3 Choices You Can Make During Marriage That May Affect The Health Of Your Children

A lot of things that happen in our life are as a result of the choices we made at one point or the other. The life we live today affects the things that happen to us tomorrow.

Let's see some of the choices we make before or during marriage than can affect the health of our children.

1. Testing our genotype and that of our partner

Do you know that the choice you make at this time Will affect the health and future of your children? You have an option to test your genotype and that of your spouse.

If yours is SS or AS , your partner's genotype must be AA to produce children that will not have genetic problems. Otherwise some of your children may suffer sickle cell anaemia.

2. Testing for HIV.

Many people do not believe that their lifestyle determines their health and even that of their family members.

It is important to take your partner to a HIV test before marriage or before intimacy in order to safeguard your health and that of your children.

Knowing your HIV status and that of your partner will help you to know the foundation upon which your family is laid health wise and how to handle your health matter.

3. Test for Rhesus Factor.

Have you heard about Rhesus incompatibility? Some people have a negative blood group in their phenotype. A person who have this problem is referred to as Rhesus negative

This implies that if your blood group is a positive blood group. You are not Rhesus compatible with the person.

If your baby has a positive blood group, it means that the mother's blood may attack that of the baby after birth. This can lead to death of the baby after birth.

Rhesus incompatibility and the accompanying hazard is preventable by your choice. There is also a medical preventive measure for this condition.

Conclusion: Make good choices in life, because prevention is always better than cure.

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