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7 Nice And Romantic Things To Say To Your Lover After Lovemaking To Boost Their Confidence

Lovemaking is a healthy and beautiful expression of love that has to be appreciated. Just the way you usually set up the mood for lovemaking, you should also make sure that the ending is worth it. To make lovemaking memorable, you need to first put each other in the mood.

Also, at the end of everything, it won't be nice to walk away without appreciating your partner for the good time well spent with them. That is why Mr_Counselor has explained nice and romantic things you can tell your partner at the end of lovemaking.

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1. That was awesome.

Sometimes, your caring partner may ask you how you enjoyed the lovemaking so that he or she will know if he or she is appreciated, and to know how to improve to do better next time. Whether or not your partner asks you this question, it is nice to tell them that the lovemaking was awesome, and that you enjoyed it.

You may have to ask them about how they enjoyed it. You need to ask them if they really enjoyed making love with you, and if you need to improve. If you need to improve, you need to enquire from them the areas they would want you to improve in.

Telling your partner that it was awesome making love with them will boost their confidence.

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2. You really know what I want, how I want it and how to satisfy me.

This is another great thing that can boost your lover's confidence. If you really enjoyed the lovemaking with your lover, appreciate them by telling them that they know how to satisfy you. If you tell them this, next time you engage in lovemaking with them, they will concentrate more on your satisfaction.

3. I am lucky to have a lover like you.

This is brain bursting. If you really enjoyed lovemaking with your partner, and you feel lucky to have met him or her, don't forget to let them know how lucky you are to have them.

4. I am proud of you.

If your lover satisfies you during lovemaking, you should be proud of them. Keeping it to yourself will do no good to him or her. You need to tell them how proud of them you are. This will boost their confidence and make them to do more next time.

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5. You are good and romantic.

Telling your lover that he or she is good and romantic will make them more eager to perform better next time. They won't have any doubt about their abilities if you can always remind them that they are good or perfect.

6. Thank you so much for such a great moment.

This is more or less like showing appreciation or gratitude for making you feel good or better. If you really enjoyed yourself with him or her, it would be nice to say thank you to him or her.

7. I wish this never ends.

Saying this to your lover means that you really enjoyed yourself with them, and that you wished they never stopped. They will be happy that their efforts and performance are appreciated.

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