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My girlfriend just got her period. Now what?

Not knowing what to do when your girlfriend is on her period is really frustrating and somehow confusing, even to the women too. One minute, they feel like laughing and then the next, they feel like crying. But most likely, your girlfriend isn’t going to blame you for not knowing what do. Read to the end to know how to go about it; how to take care of your woman when she’s on her period. There is a bonus tip just for you guys at the end of this article.

You need to understand the changes her period causes. Her hormones are wreaking havoc! Some people even say their girlfriends get “crazy” (Tip: never, ever say that to your girlfriend, never. It’s not cool). Some ladies can even get mad at the sound of you breathing, seriously. Others may want eat everything on sight, others may want to hide until the bleeding and concurrent pain stops. All these flow and changes of emotions may feel really intense to you. You would want to help but aren’t sure how to.

Let’s get one thing straight: NOTHING IS HER FAULT. Her hormones are constantly fluctuating and it leads to some pretty intense feelings.

If you’re a girl, share this with your boyfriend, that guy needs to know how to take care of you properly.

There are four different phases to what happens in their bodies physically, as in biologically. If you want me to write on that, please let me know via the comment box.

During the menstrual phase, some may feel tired than usual, some experience painful cramps, it’s really an individual thing. During the Follicular phase, your girlfriend is likely to feel the best at this time of the month because a hormone called Estradiol begins to rise; it lessens feelings of stress caused by andrenalin and all that. During the Ovulation phase, she’s likely to have a higher sexual urge- ovulation is the time when women are the most fertile. During the Luteal phase, she feels more moody, gets higher stress levels and crave more comfort foods.

You should also be aware that all women menstruate differently. No two women are the same. Do not complain if your girlfriend acts differently from the way your sister or ex acted. Let her know that you are there for her and would support her in any way possible.

Ask her what she needs! She’ll feel happy knowing you’re there. And make sure she knows you mean it.

Be attentive to her: even if she just keeps saying things that don’t make sense, pay attention bro.

Be patient: Don’t blame her period for anything. If you’re not patient enough to withstand all the mood swings and everything that comes alongside menstrual periods, then maybe you shouldn’t even be dating any girl, honestly. A guy who is honestly in love with a lady should know that he should not just be there for the rosy times, but even at the darkest times.

Bring her the food she craves: just go and get it, if there is seriously no way to get what she wants, get something similar. She’ll appreciate it forever.

Get her tampons: Get them for her if she needs them. And if you don’t live together, get some and keep at your place.

Give her space: She might seriously just want to be by herself or watch a movie alone or lock the door on herself. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you anymore or don’t want your company, so don’t be too bothered or over think. When she wants that, let her have her way, she is your baby.

The best thing you can do is let her know you are there for her whenever she feels like being with someone around. Ask her what you can do to make her feel better too. Then do it. The worst thing you can do is ask and then not deliver.

If she feels up to it, have sex with her: Yes, period sex. Just throw a towel over the sheets and get to it.

Let her rest: let her sleep it in, seriously. Your baby is doing a lot right now. Go run her errands, let her rest like she’s never done before.

Now it’s time for the bonus tip, just like I promised: Never assign her behavior to her period. Some men are known for throwing the “are you on your period” at the most inopportune moment. Be an advocate of period-positivity. Understand and show her that her feelings are valid whether she is on her period or not.

Also, do not make her feel embarrassed. It’s the last thing she needs from you as the world is full of period-shaming. She does not want you make her feel shamed too, like, of all people.

With all this, you’ll be able to take care of your girlfriend in fact not just when she’s on her period but as a woman too.

Let me know if you this was helpful to you in any way through the comment section.

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