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11 Things You need To Teach Your Girl Children At Early Age

Despite current reports on sexual violence and molestation. I've come to understand that most of our children turn out to be pessimistic because of our incompetence as parents.

We don't properly teach them the basics they should learn at a tender age.

I found it appropriate to compile these ten essential items that any parent should strive to teach their children early. I know someone out there will like this.

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1: Never allow any adult to call your child my "husband" or "wife," irrespective of your relationship with that particular adult.

2: Whenever your child goes out to play with other kids, make sure you find out what kind of play they do, because young people are now indulging in immorality.

3: Never push your child to meet any person he or she is not happy with, and also be very vigilant if your child becomes an adult's fund.

4: Warn your girlfriend never to sit on anybody's lap in any case, even family members.

5: Carefully educate your grown-ups about Copulation's right values, if you don't, they'll teach them wrong.

6: Show your three-year-old how to wash their private parts properly and don't forget to advise them not to let anyone touch them, including yourself (remember charity always starts at home).

7: When a very vibrant child is removed, you may need to ask the child several questions, figure out why he / she suddenly gets cold.

8: Once your child argues about a specific person, take up the case and show them that you can protect them.

9: Stop dressing up before your child when he / she is 2 years old, learn to justify them or yourself.

10 Never allow adults to name your child their wife or spouse.

11: Blacklist any materials / associates you think endanger your child's health (including music , movies, including family and friends)

12 You can also go through some new content you just purchased for them like a movie before you see it yourself.

I hope this guides you in ensuring that when you grow up, you give you the best of parental care and education.

Our kid's our responsibility. Care to be guardians or parents.

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