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What do you consider cheating in a relationship? See answers given by social media users.

Cheating this word is arguably one of the most used words of this generation, in this context it simply means to be unfaithful to one's spouse or partner. The question what is considered cheating in a relationship is a serious issue in most relationships with both partners having different interpretations of what cheating in a relationship actually is. A mini survery was carried out by an Instagram user on the topic what do you consider cheating in a relationship, and the following were the answers she got.

1)Flirting is cheating because that's where things start. Someone will constantly be flirting with another person and then be surprised when down the road, they've had sex. If you're in a relationship and your're constantly flirting with someone, you are cheating, Period.

2)Liking someone's pictures on Instagram often, or regularly liking someone's tweets definitely has to be cheating somehow, because you're clearly trying to grab their attention, and why are you trying to do that if you're in a relationship?

3)If you have to hide it, its cheating.If you have to hide your phone , or hide a conversation from your partner, its cheating. If you have to lie about who you're meeting up with, its cheating.

4)Sex, oral sex, kissing all that is obviously cheating. Whether you were on a break, or you were not on a break, I believe its cheating.

5)To me, cheating is doing something intimate that you would only do with the person you're dating. I think the worst is emotional cheating. That thing is so deep, its deeper than physically cheating because it means there's feelings involved.

6)I once dated someone who cheated on me and told me before I ever found out. I was going to forgive her but what she wanted was to end the relationship because I guess she had caught feeling for the other guy. These things are a build up. Most times, cheating doesn't just happened it's planned. So unfortunately, cheating is not so black and white.

7)When you're doing something you know you shouldn't be doing, you are cheating. It's actually more about the secrecy than anything else. If deep down you know what you're doing is going to hurt your partner, its cheating.

8)Engaging in any type of physical relationship is cheating. Anything you aren't open to telling your boyfriend or girlfriend about should be considered cheating. Flirting and having intimate conversations is very much cheating too.

So tell me which of the above do you actually consider cheating? Or what else do you consider cheating in your relationship.

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