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If You Think Of Somebody Who Is In Need, Please Do What You Can To Help- Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Pastor Sam Adeyemi has advised Christians and believers to always help their family members, friends or clients who suddenly come to their mind when they are in need.

The popular and respected man of God was speaking on his Twitter handle on Monday afternoon. Where he advised his followers to not be neglecting the thoughts that suddenly come to them about someone.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi is the founder and General Overseer of Daystar Christian Center which has members and branches scattered all over Nigeria and the world.

You would agree that there are certain times when you suddenly think of someone, maybe a friend, a customer or a family member, and you have this sudden desire to do something for them.

It could be in the way of sending them money, paying one bill or the other, or just calling to ask how they are faring. Pastor Sam Adeyemi has warned that such a feeling should not be neglected.

Instead, as soon as you have that feeling, you should quickly do what you can to make sure you address it, because you may never know if their existence, safety or lives depend on that thing that you desire to do.

According to the pastor, by the time you do this, the kindness will surely come back to you in ways that you would never have imagined.

In the pastor's words "If someone (client, family, friend, etc.) comes to your mind with respect to a need, act on it. Do what you can, and promptly too.

You don’t know when it may be too late. Kindness will come back to you in ways that will beat your imagination. Have a beautiful week."

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