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Divorce Affair

The Danger of Separation

Divorce is the worst thing that can ever happen to a family.

   Many married people are seen it as a total freedom to them to love that person they desire so much. I want to ask this question, if you are not in love with your spouse, why then did you choose to marry him or her?,where is that first love you both share the first day you both meet each other?.

   Divorce has caused harm to children who are victim of it.

   Many parent who are divorced, separate their children from each other, making them to hate the other spouse which is not right.

     Divorce can cause failure to the spouse involved, divorce can leads to killing and heart break etc.

    Children who are victim of such in their family lack focus in their studies. Divorce is dangerous, is never a good idea to spouse who has issues about their partner cheating.

 Things that cause divorce to spouse are

1.) Lack of trust

2.) Lack of been honest to each other

3.) Over suspicious

4.) Lack of love to the both side

5.) Lack of respect to the both side.

   Divorce is the worst thing that can happen to spouse who thinks that is time for them to be free and marry the one they love. Movie has turned the mind of people this days, expecaily the Nollywood movie, where you will see spouse divorcing and remarrying, which is not suppose to be so.

   Please never you allow this things which I listed above cause you to destroy your marriage. Remember the first love which you have for each other, that will be enough reason not to live your spouse. Love him, lover her, love each other and make a better family.

     Love is the key !!!.

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