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How to respond to a Break up.

According to Nancy Van Pelt in her work "Complete Courtship", She stated that "engagement is not a sealed contract that links a couple's destiny forever".

As a couple begins to know each other better during their engagement, they may find out they are not well suited for each other as they had imagined. At this point they must be bold enough to decide to break up the relationship.

Breaking up is just an event and an incident, it is not the end of your life. The relationship may have failed, but you are not a failure. Do not measure your value by the mistakes you make, rather God gave you value before anyone came in contact with you. Do not allow the failures of your past interfere with your future.

The following may help you get over your break up quickly:

1. Never get introverted: by this, I mean you should not isolate yourself from people or withdraw into yourself from people. There is no need to imprison yourself for this is not the way to get healed.

2. Take away anger from your spirit. Make plans to be happy with yourself and never be angry with yourself.

3. Talk to friends and family and others who can support you. It's OK to want some time to yourself but hanging out with supportive people helps get your mind off things, and get a different perspective.

4. Clear away everything that reminds you of your ex-partner. The sight of all the things that remind you of the (happy) times with your ex-partner may tear your wounds open again and again.

Never forget to learn lessons from your failed relationship.

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