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8 Types of Men Most Women Wish To Marry

Before saying yes, ladies look for a few characteristics in a man. You may be perplexed as to why a woman you've been dating for years has declined your marriage proposal. It's possible that you don't have all of the characteristics she wants. Money isn't necessarily the most important factor. Although money is important in relationships, most moral and dignified women would choose their life partners based on more than simply money.

As a result, I've decided to write this text to teach us about the types of personalities that certain women may want to date or marry.

The majority of women want to marry one of these ten types of men.


1] Men who can defend them

Women want to marry someone who will defend them in public, even if they are incorrect. They do not want to marry a man who will leave them defenseless.

Some guys do not shield their female partners in public. If your girl makes a mistake, make sure to support her in public and give her a thorough warning and correction in private.


2] A man who knows how to cook:

Many women fantasize about marrying a man who can clean and prepare delectable meals.

Most women prefer a man who can prepare wonderful meals for them on special occasions, such as when they are ill, have menstrual cramps, or are pregnant.

3] An excellent advisor

The majority of women want guys who will guide them down the right path and absorb any life decisions they make.

Your girlfriend should see you as a role model for her. You don't want your wife seeking advice from other men when you're present. It's a direct slap in the face.

4] A man who values their opinion 

The majority of women desire to marry a man who values their opinions and makes sound decisions in life.

5] A man eager to assist her.

This is one of the most crucial characteristics that most women seek in a potential relationship.

Many guys have no idea how to assist their female partners.


6] A trustworthy man

Trust is a basic concept that is difficult to find in some individuals. It takes time to earn trust. You should also safeguard it once you've obtained it. Women, on the other hand, prefer to spend their lives with a man whom they can trust.

7. A man who appreciates and respects them.

I'm not referring to the kind of equality that most feminists have been discussing recently. The only scenario I'm referring to is when a man regards his girlfriend as a companion rather than a subject.

8. A brave man.

This is also one of the most important characteristics that many women look for in a potential husband. Nobody wants to marry a man who is always terrified of something. A man who lacks confidence is not the ideal husband most women are looking for.

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