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Four Things to Do When A Man You Love Says He Needs Some Space

When you are in a relationship that seems like heaven on earth and everything seems to be working perfectly well. But one day, if the unexpected words came from the man you are in love with. If he tells you that he needs some space. What can you do? Are you to give up just like that or are you to beg or give him the space he wants?

Well, these words will throw you off balance. You may become worried and have fear that your relationship with the man you love so dearly is coming to an end. This is not always true and that a man says he needs some space may not mean that he is going to break up with you. There are things you can do and make him come back to you and even if he will not call you back, you will keep your joy because you will know that you have tried for him.

1. Don't rush into concluding that your relationship is over. When you hear "I need some space" from your lover, don't get too worried. Doing this can put the relationship in his hand and you may find yourself crying and begging for forgiveness when he has not said you are the reason for his decision.

Men respond differently when they are under pressure or trying to find solutions to challenges facing them. He may be having some issues which he wants to handle alone.

Remember, that the relationship is in your hands. You are the one who agreed to date him in the first place. So, maintain that belief and give him the space he wants. This way, you will have a relaxed mind and know that you are still important to him.

2. Focus on yourself. Invest in yourself by doing those things you use to do before you agreed with his proposal. Read more to refresh yourself. Work on looking more beautiful. You can visit friends or take early morning exercise. Look for clothes that fit you well and look your best. Think of those things you would have done but you are not able to do because you are with him. Now that you are waiting for him to call you, go do those things and make sure you guide your mind from thinking disturbing thoughts.

Snap good pictures of yourself, whether staying alone or with friends, and post them on your social media. Never said anything against him on social media. He never called off the relationship but ask for space. So avoid mentioning his name online.

3. Let him look for you. Remember, he said he needs space, so don't start calling him over and over again. Doing that can make him start thinking that you are bothering him. Let him have all the time he wants since he already told you the duration of time he wanted

When you refuse to call him, he will know that you are not depending on him, he will feel your absence and he will know how important you are to him. He may call you on phone asking you to comeback

4. Know when to move on with your life. You are a lady who needs to make proper use of your time. Because your timing and his timing are not the same. So, know when his time is over and take your leave. If he does any of the following while he asked for space then his time with you may not be over and he may be sincere about the space he asked from you.

i. Did he still send text messages to you. The fact that he wants space doesn't mean he won't send texts in the morning or any time of the day.

ii. Did he still upload your picture online. If he uploads your pictures on social media, then he still appreciates your role in his life and so, you are still very much important to him. He only wants to handle things alone.

iii. Did he still call you on phone. If he still calls you to know how you are doing then you should keep waiting for him.

But if he doesn't do all these things all through the time he asked you to give him space, then his time may be over, you can open your heart for a fresh breeze. Let other men love you. Go out with your friends and enjoy your life. Don't allow anything cost you your peace of mind.

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