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5 Words That Could Make You Seem Ungrateful If You Say Them

When someone gives you a gift the least you could do for them is to show some gratitude. People are likely to be more attracted to you if you always show gratitude for the little things.

Here are 5 words we should avoid using so that we do not come across as ungrateful.

1. Is that all?

When you are given a gift, you are not supposed to ask the giver if that is all he is giving you.

That is being ungrateful, no matter how small a gift is be thankful

2. I do not Like it

When you are given a gift from someone, you should not reject it because you do not like the colour or because it is an outdated model.

The individual went out of his way to get it for you, if you show gratitude the individual will be motivated to do more.

3. Thank you, but

When showing gratitude to someone do no add a ''but'' to the thanks it is either you are grateful or not.

Adding a "but" to your thanks means the what was given to you was not good enough for you.

4. You Should Have Done It Like This

When someone helps you out in task, you should thank the person and not chastise him/her.

The person may have double thoughts about offering his/her assistance next time.

5. I Did Not Ask For Your Help

When someone offers his/her help to because they might have sensed that you needed it, do not respond to their acts of gratitude in such a manner.

By telling them that you never asked for their help is just being plain ungrateful. Be grateful.

So, no matter what sort of gift we receive, or help we receive, we should never feel entitled but be grateful. Always remember to say thank you.

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