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6 Essential Rules For Building Strong Relationship

A relationship is a deep connection between two or more people. In our lives, we have many different kinds of relationships with our family, our friends, our teachers and our neighbours.

Every relationship can ONLY work if the two players or parties assume equivalent responsibility. On the other hand, if one individual is doing substantially more than the other, the relationship is destined to come to a definite end.

If you want a thriving relationships, then you must reconsider these essential rules.

1. In every relationship, you are connected individually to each other. So respect each other and don't let it be unrespectful due to someone else's opinion about that person with whom you are connected to.

2. There is always one boundary which you both have decided due to one reason or the other. Don't try to break it. Because if you are breaking it, it simply means that you have lost that respect and faith which you partner had in you before.

3. Trust yourself. Your loyalty towards that your partner will make your relationship lifelong.

4. If you are fed up with your partner, then simply tell him/her that things will not work out, instead of letting it get worse. This is better for both of you. So that Either you can find a solution or decide to be apart. It's up to you both.

5. If one person is saying ‘no’ to something then accept it. You can't change their ethics and life rules because you don't know which situation they had gone through.

6. Make it the way you wanted it to be. Lovely, sweet, caring, respectful, trustworthy or whatever it is.

With these essential rules, be rest assured that your relationship will be solid.

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