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3 Signs Of A Backstabbing Friend

A friend is someone who sticks up for you no matter the situation. He/she is always available to help you out when the need arises, they also give you quality advice and would never let you move in the wrong direction whenever you're around them. True friends would always tell you what's right and what's wrong whether it hurts your feelings or not because they know it's for your own good. Unfortunately, not all friends are true friends, some of them are wolves disguised in sheep's clothing. Some of these so called friends go behind your back to do and say bad things about you but would act innocent whenever they're around you.

Here are a few ways to identify a backstabbing friend:

Backstabbers love to gossip all the time

If they gossip with you about everyone, what makes you think they aren't gossiping you with others as well? Backstabbing friends only know how to go around telling people's business to everyone else, they never know how to stop and keep their mouths shut.

They know how to flatter

In our Nigerian dialect, this is what is known as "whyne". Backstabbers only know how to "whyne", they never really tell you the full truth but would twist you into believing you're doing well or you're the best at something. They are also very manipulative individuals that would stop at nothing till they see you in pain.

They don't show genuine care

A good way to know backstabbing friends is the way they act towards you. A good friend would always cater for you whenever the need arises, while the backstabbing friend would look for excuses to not help you. These kind of people would never want to help even when they're fully capable.

If you notice any or all of these signs in any of your friends, you have to end that friendship as soon as possible.

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