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The reason why a child should not be left alone with their dad.

The well being, safety of a child mostly depends on their mother and not the father,

it is also the duty of the father to care for his children, but the mother effort is mostly needed as the father has to concentrate on provision of the family,

so living a child in the Care of their father, shouldn't be a priority.

Many fathers do take alcohol drink, and where by a child is in there care, the child might like to have a taste of the alcohol,

The father might feel like anyway it's nothing serious, it's too bitter, probably won't like the drink.

Most Atimes a little child probably nag alot as they always need maximum attention and care, which most fathers do feel disturbed about.

Little children are so ignorant that they knows no danger, they knows no implications for whatever they do,go or touch.

They do not know any consequences following which ever things they do, which is why they should be watched upon frequently.

The little children are always use to movement, moving around from one point to another.

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