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100 peculiar baby girl names you might not know before and their meanings

Hello readers, welcome to my world. Today will be talking about top hundred names and their meanings for your peculiar baby girl. These names are unique, special and for unique female children. Some people find it hard to give beautiful names to their baby girls. Well, If you have a female child and do not know of any peculiar name that will fit your baby girl, you can pick from one of these as they are very nice names.This name can be a choice for you. But if not, you can consider naming your future baby girl one of these names.

below are some of those names:

I would have loved to write the meaning of the names. But because of time, and to cut the matter short, I would like to post the pictures portraying the meaning of the names below. So check them out.

Those are the names and their meanings. Some of them might be familiar, while some are not. But these names are just so nice. So if you like my post, please:


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