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The unseen personalities of children raised outside their home.

The most beautiful and priceless gift God gives is life. Expectations run wild when a man and woman come together as a couple. For a couple whose relationship is planted on the bedrock of love and commitment, an immeasurable joy flows deep in their heart and their faces lightens up at the news of expecting a baby.

A mother after child birth cares for her child with so much love. Her prayer is that he/she grows up having every needs at their Beck and call, parents want to watch their kids grow, they want to guide and protect them, they emplore so much effort to ensure their kids grow to become responsible and relevant individuals, in the family and society as well. But what happens to a child raised outside the home? Those who unfortunately have to go live with an Uncle, Aunt and other relatives or even strangers! The promise is usually believable, the parents expectations are high, the smooth talk of the guardians when they come to pick the children, always blows the parents minds.

To them "if they can't send their children to school, at least someone who can has showed up, at least the child will have a good life and acquire skills, the guardian is family and so trustworthy".

We can relate with the fact that only a few kids gets lucky with being raised outside their homes, no matter who offers to take care of them, others are subjected to the worst styles of upbringing even from relatives.

If only a father knew his child no longer goes to school but have to work to improve his guardians standard of living, of which such jobs includes; prostitution, hawking, trading, armed robberies, drug peddling, and so on, some females are forced to work in baby factories, where they are raped till they concieve and the children are sold after birth, some are even transferred to a different home as a domestic help, some slave away doing chores from morning till night, with little or no food at all, the one's who manage to school don't have time to read and enclose in them what they are taught, because after school they get busy with other engagements till late in the night, when they have to dose off for a little rest.

The society has to prepare to suffer because an innocent child is being raised without love, care and affection, he is filled with hate, depression, fear, and anxiety, he seeks comfort from alcohol, drugs and cannabis at an early age, he has no true friend to communicate with and is not allowed to do what children do, he has been violated by the guardian he looks up to, he can't defend himself while in the cage, he has no voice to utter his defence, the tears he sheds is locked up inside him, the type that kills faster than poison, he wallows in self pity that cannot be expressed, his experience has affected him psychologically.

To the parents the child is doing well, after all they speak to their child on phone a few times, the child hasn't complained to them, they have also visited their child a few times. Unknown to them their child now has two personalities; one he puts on around his parents and people he respects or fears, the second is the one that resides deep down in him, the one that makes him feel depressed, cold and withdrawn, a torture to his soul.

My advice to parents is please don't be too quick to give your child away to anyone because even a Pastor, an Aunty, Uncle or any love one can be a monster. Remember our tomorrow starts today.

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