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16 Unique and Beautiful Names To Give Your Beautiful Baby Girl: Names And Their Meanings (1)

Expecting a sweet little baby girl? Check out these unique yet beautiful baby girl names to give to your bundle of joy.

1. Adina means gentle

2. Adalyn means noble

3. Aliza means joy

4. Ariella means lioness of God

5. Atara means crown

6. Aviva means springtime

7. Bayla means beautiful

8. Chava means life

9. Chaya means alive and living

10. Dinah means judgement

11. Eliana means my God has answered me

12. Frieda means joy

13. Geula means redemption

14. Gila means joy

15. Hodaya means praise God

16. Idit means choicest.

17. Keila means vessel

18. Keren means ray of sunshine

19. Kayla means crown

20. Levona means frankincense

21. Liora means I have light

22. Meira means one who gives light

23. Michal means who is like God

24. Maya means good mother

25. Netanya means gift of God

26. Osnat means belonging to God

27. Rina means joy

28. Shayna means beautiful

29. Shulamit means peaceful

30. Talia means dew of God

31. Tehilla means song of praise

32. Tova means God's goodness

33. Uriella means light of God

34. Yardena means flow down

35. Zahava means gold

Really unique names don't you think?

Leave a comment below stating which name you like and would want to give your daughter.

Be sure to follow for the second part.

Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: GistManiac007 (via Opera News )

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