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Weird Habits Women Have That Men Don't Understand

Women, truly are spectacular creatures. They are really good at doing things, even things that have not been done. They know how to make great thing happen and are always willing to take risks, even the risks some men are afraid to take in their entire life.

Nevertheless, we can also agree that behind every certain curtain, there is always a secret.

Men are, most times, not really comfortable with women for a couple of reasons. This is because of some of the weird things they do.

Ladies, I know so many of you are still thinking of the weird things you do that make some men get told off even without saying a word.

1. You Complain Of Not Having Clothes

Women can buy clothes for Africa! They really want to put on the latest and so are not tired of buying. They will always complain of lacking clothes while in a real sense, their wardrobe is filled up with lots of clothes.

2. Always Asking Your Guy To Take You Out

This is especially true if the lady doesn't know how or is lazy, so to speak, to cook at home. The man sees going out on several a waste of money - and it really is.

3. You Carry Extra Stuff

Whenever you go out with your guy, it's either he helps you to carry your bad or you re using it suffocate him with it - all in the name of "making up again later". Later there is nothing palpable In the bag but just makeups and other things for "girls".

4. Checking Shopping Pages And Websites

Facebook are finding of scrolling on Facebook pages viewing different African or Nigerian attires, soes, and food. But at the end of the day, after wasting a lot of data and time, they will not other for a single thing. This is also weird to guys too.

5. Taking Too Long To Makeup

This always annoy so many guys. Imagine waiting patiently for hours just because a babe is making up. Isn't this weird? Absolutely!

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