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Two Things You Should Never Do to Prove Your Love for Someone

There seems to be no level some lovers will not go to prove their love for the person they love. They are ready to do anything, in as much that the person will agree to marry them. Whether it is negative or positive things. I am aware that there are times one will need to make positive sacrifices and I am not against making such sacrifices for your relationship to stand. But before you make the sacrifice, make sure you are in a defined relationship and you are certain the relationship is yours and will work.

However, there are other things I think lovers should never do to prove their love for the person they love because of the negative effect it can have on them in the long run. They should avoid it at all costs in their relationship.

Below are two things you should never do to prove your love for someone

1. Never take oath/blood covenant to prove your love. When two lovers fall in love and they are first lovers. The feeling is always awesome and they will feel like nothing on earth will ever make them leave each other. They will think that their feelings for each other will surely lead to marriage. This can then make them think of sealing their relationship with an oath.

Also, if one of them wants to relocate with his/her family or got admission into tertiary institutions, because of fear of losing each other due to the distance, they may choose to perform a blood covenant.

They will then cut their skin a little, and with the blood swear if they ever leave each other or go to another person. But these are lovers who are yet to face things that may change their feelings for each other in life. Such as going into the University, go for youth service (NYSC) and see other people, or are yet to explore life.

Taking blood covenant can have serious negative effects on your life. It can prevent you from marrying the right person you will see in the future. It can cage your destiny because it is demonic and you should not even think of it. If the person you love can't trust you and insist on taking the oath, then let him/her go.

2. Never disowned your parents or beat any of them in the name of proving your love for your wife or girlfriend. A mother, in particular, played a major role in making sure that you grow well. She may not have all the money, but she will make sure that you have the best treatment she can offer. She will sacrifice her joy for you believing that when you make it in life, you will remember her.

Now when you made it, you get married and your wife is now telling you that your mother is a witch, or maybe your girlfriend is telling that "I don't like mama coming around". Or one prayer house gave you a prophecy that your mother is a witch and you want to believe because you love your wife/girlfriend. This will make the wrath of God come upon you heavily. In the book of Proverbs 20:20 the Bible says, If one curses his father or his mother, his lamp will be put out in utter darkness.

Also, the Bible says in Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

You can now see what God can do if you allow any lady in the name of love make you insult your parents, especially your mother. So don't insult your mother who carried you for nine months, born the pains of labor, nursed you, and sacrifice her comfort for you. The punishment may be too heavy on you. And when the punishment comes, even the girlfriend will leave you for another.

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