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4 Things A Woman Will Do When She's Secretly Admiring You

Have you ever wondered what most women do when they're secretly admiring a man? Do you think they suddenly show their feelings or they keep them hidden? These are the questions some men are still yet to find the answer to. But in this article, I'll be discussing with us some of the things women do when they're secretly admiring a man.

Women are not always like men. A woman can be attracted to you and still keep mute. She might not let you know about her feelings. But there are some things most women tend to do that will make you know they're attracted to you.

 Once you see a woman that does some of these below things to you, just know she's secretly admiring you.

1. She will start talking to you.

One of the things a woman will do when she's secretly admiring you is that she will attempt to talk to you. She will try to maintain and make a good relationship with you. She will suddenly be interested in knowing more about you and want you to be a close friend. She will make sure she doesn't go a day without texting or calling you. Whether the conversation you're having with her is romantic or not, it is a good start. 

2. She will smile whenever she's around you.

A woman that is secretly admiring you will always smile when she's around you. She will easily laugh at your petty jokes and make it look obvious when she's smiling. Her smile will be sincere and it won't look like she's been forced to do so. If you notice a woman is always smiling around you, just know she's secretly admiring you and doesn't forget to smile back.

3. She will be nervous.

Whenever she's around you, she will seem nervous. That is when she will start to touch her neck, run her hands through her hairs and even tend to touch her lips. She will tend to do these things because she doesn't want to make a fool of herself in your presence. 

4. She will compliment you.

A woman that is secretly admiring you will always try to compliment you. She will tell you that you have beautiful eyes, and have a nice physique.

5. She will make excuses to talk to you.

Whenever you post on your social media, she will always react and use that as a medium to start a conversation with you.  

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