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3 Ways To Make Your Pictures Go Viral On Social Media

First off, I will start with what you need 

1) Iphone

2) Sunlight

3) Lipgloss(for females).

Easy right ? I know

I will show you how now

- Apply lipgloss generously on your lips(For female)

- Wait for 12:00pm sunlight, make sure it's shining on the part you want to snap.(For everyone)

-Use your iPhone to take the picture.(For everyone)

 Post it on any social media app (Preferably, a Facebook group or Twitter)

Bonus Tip: For maximum impact, don't take a full picture, unless you have a really good body.

- Sponsoring of your content as advert will go a long way to boost your post/pictures on social media.

- Consistency is the key; Make sure u are regular at sharing content to get more engagement on your page.

- Make sure u are visible in Google; To do this always set ur profile to public

I know you want to thank me, don't worry about that, I'm here for you. 

Content created and supplied by: samiisimeon (via Opera News )



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