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Letter To A Woman: What A Young Man Wrote To Ladies On Facebook

Wow, some people can be really talented in writing motivational articles. And a good example of them is a young man called David Azuoma who took to his Facebook account to express himself and his deepest thoughts concerning women of this 21st century.

See what he wrote below;

"Dear young girls (Women),

I'm very sure and know that some of yoy may not really love me for this honest write up, but I promise you, I won't mince words lol. As bitter as the taste of drug yet cures, so is the truth, it saves.

A very Controversial but notable writer ones said:

"A man who feeds a goat is not doing so because he loves the goat. He does it because he wants the goat to be fat enough to eat. Beware. Sugar daddies don’t love you. They give you money so you can allow them destroy your destiny"~ Reno Omokri.

See a screenshot of his Facebook post below;

Develop yourself now in order be a resourceful, independent, beauty with brain and God fearing woman. Trust me it will be useful to you later. It will upgrade your Personality CV.

Gone are the days when, women are only good for the kitchen. It has become glaring that women are also good and even much better in every aspect of life e.g Politics, economy, Social etc. They are the bedrock of the society. Without the women the society isn't complete. You need to build yourself to remain relevant and respected.

Arise from your slumber. Change the tide and perspective. You have the right too, and being a woman does not make you less human rather a super woman. Give yourself that credit and deliberately sustain it and posterity won't regret it. Build your self-esteem and go for your dream career, business, project and relationships and achieve it.

Be useful to yourself and earn much relevance, respect and reputation from your Relationships. Do not make Marriage the ultimate goal for being created here._


Ofcourse, marriage is just one out of the numerous things to achieve. Marry, and continue developing yourself. Do not dump that school certificate because you are married...use it if you have it. And if you didn't go to school, acquire skills.

Education is not only acquired in school.

It can only get better... becoming the best doesn't kill, you know?

By so doing, this would in turn eliminate or reduce gender inequality, good-for-housewife alone syndromes and all sorts of women abuses (domestic violence from brutal men etc.)

Not forgetting, if you don't deliberately start building yourself now, you may never see the need to doing it.

The change begins from the MINDSET. Think about this, start building your future and please never stop."

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David Azuoma


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