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Couples, 4 Enemies Of Satisfaction In Making Love.

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In marriage, making love is the bond that holds partners together. It ties two souls together and deepens the emotional intimacy among them.

We always look forward to a satisfying physical intimacy that guarantees utmost pleasure. It is a moment couples should always expect and long for. 

There are little foxes that spoil the vine of satisfaction in making love. These inimical factors are the little things overlooked by some couples.

When the enemies are not properly handled and consciously defeated, the whole act of making love becomes disgusting, monotonous, boring, and even annoying.

Some families are currently undergoing marital crises due to these enemies. As said earlier, they are the little foxes indeed.

Some of these enemies include:

1. Ignorance:

What you don't know is more than you. You can't do more than what you know.  Ignorance is the absence of relevant knowledge about a particular thing. Life is always appreciating, likewise everything in it. 

There are different styles and positions a couple doesn't know. Knowledge can be gained by reading related books, browsing the net and seeing romantic films together. 

2. Bedroom mentality:

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Spread your horizons beyond the bedroom. This is no policy that the act must always be in the bedroom. Explore other locations and have a taste of the wonders of varieties.

Don't Confine yourself in the bedroom; take vacations to some decent places and have it rocked out.

3. Self-centeredness:

Copulation is a mutual act that serves both parties' interests. A satisfactory physical intimacy requires two persons that are after each other's satisfaction.

The man should understand the system of the woman and how long it might take to please her in the act. Focusing on yourself alone is inimical to the act. Also, allowing your partner alone to put in the whole effort is punishment in disguise.

4. Bad hygiene:

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This is a silent killer to physical intimacy. When your hygiene level is high, you become increasingly attractive to your spouse. Always ensure you do the following: shave your pubic regions, wash your bra, boxers, singles and panties. Change the worn-out ones.

To avoid repulsive odour, never wear underwear for a long time. Wear cool perfume, brush your mouth and have a regular bath before and after the act. Poor hygiene turns off a couple.

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