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My girlfriend's father asked to see my people, only for a quick wedding to take place - Gimba Kakanda narrates

Would you go ahead with a wedding you only got to know of few minutes before the wedding? Many people would rather be puzzled and remain in a state of shock than to give a quick answer to this question as marriage in our contemporary society entails alot.

Marriage is a dream of every responsible adult who love to one day leave in the company of his or her kids and partner.

The urge to marry is somewhat natural in most people because aside personal desires and needs in marriage, the pressure that comes with leaving a single life is very exhausting and debilitating to the emotional health of people.

This pressure could come from many stakeholders or factors which may include one's parents, friends and family members, peer pressure, members of the society and even the success of a close friend's marriage or wedding.

This pressure gets even more debilitating when the victim is a female as many people tend to ramp up more pressure on a young girl citing the fact that time is not on her side and could get to her menopause before she finds her so called "Mr Right".

As such, people would easily throw their weight behind an opportunity to get engaged and get down with a partner so as to satisfy all desires and prevent further pressure.

However, Regardless of whether there is pressure or not, marriage in Nigeria is not one that can be rushed or executed within minutes or days.

From the moment both partners met to when the union is sealed, alot of activities and ceremonies characterizes the process, while involving also money and energy expenditure.

But some people are however aversed to that system and would rather toe the path of simplicity and humility instead of engaging in fanfare and wild celebration.

This is the school of thought that the father inlaw of one Gimba Kakanda belongs to as he wowed his son in-law with the simplest of all marriages.

The young man couldn't hold his amazement and excitement that he had to share his story with his followers on Twitter.

His tweet reads as follow;

The rarity of such situation soon made Nigerians react in amazement as many trooped to the comment section to congratulate the newly wedded couple as some others even wished to have such inlaw and marriage in the future.

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Gimba Kakanda


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