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(Fiction) How I Stopped my best friend from getting married to a criminal

Sharon and I have been friends since kindergarten. The both of us did everything together, ended up attending the same university. She turned from being a friend to a sister. We promised to be there for each other.

Ever since I met the man who proposed to her, I became uncomfortable. He was familiar in a not so satisfying manner. I did not have a promising impression about the situation even though it would not be pleasing to hurt my friend's feelings without concrete evidence.

I hired a personal investigator to do thorough research on this man who was hell-bent on getting married to my friend. I needed to be sure she was not rendering the biggest mistake of her life.

One fateful day, the PI called to give feedback on the investigation. Turns out that not only was this man an addict, he was also a drug pusher. I suddenly remembered seeing him at a police station when I went to help a friend out.

Immediately, I went to my friend to show her all the evidence even though I was afraid of her reaction. She cried I comforted her. She called off the wedding, notified the authorities to take him into custody.

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