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5 Secret Ways You Can Get Out Of The Life Circle Of Being Broke All The Time

Being broke can be humiliating and depressing at the same time. One could not find words to express those anxious feelings you do have whenever your bank account balance looks like a Jamb score. Nobody likes getting broke. But it happens once in a while to a couple of people -- to some, it is like a reoccurring decimal.

Interestingly, you could have all the money in the world today and still go broke tomorrow (ask Mike Tyson). You can be earning an average salary and still not go broke before the next payday.

For those that have found themselves in the vicious cycle of going broke all the time, here the five secrets you need to apply to get out of it irrespective of whether you are working or not.

1. Make A Plan

Whatever plan you should be making right now as a habitually broken guy/girl is to set out a plan to free yourself. It could be drawing out a personal budget of how you are going to be spending your money henceforth.

While drawing up that personal budget make sure that whatever you are spending on should be what you actually need and try as much as you can to discard all the stuff you merely want. Also, let your budget emphasize more on saving.

2. Stick To The Plan No Matter What

It is natural for to want to yield to the temptation of discarding your plan or tweaking it to suit your old desires. It is normal. But you have to continue to stick to the plan.

As you continue to go with the plan before you know it you are already used to it.

3. Learn How To Bring That Your Plan To Reality

It is one thing to draw a plan it is another to bring it to reality. No wonder they say the most beautiful ideas are always on paper.

You need to seek advice on how to break away from constant pennilessness. One of the best ways is to read books about personal finances and multiple streams of income generation.

4. Try To Suffer For What You Want

One of the secret of a fulfilled and successful life is delayed gratification. It is not everything that you desire you actually need.

Impulsive buying is one of the reasons why many people are going broke without knowing it. Try to be disciplined in your spending.

5. Stay Humble And Real With Your Money

You don't have to go about buying stuff you know you can't just to prove to people who don't give a damn about you that you have arrived. Living fake life will make you broke which will ultimately lead to premium tears.

Cut your coat according to your cloth. Buy what you think you can afford.

Breaking free from the cycle of pennilessness today is the number one secret of a comfortable and happy life tomorrow.

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