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The Country Where You Can Pay A Woman To Be Your Girlfriend For Some Hours

It'll Interest you to know that in recent years, people in Japan have been shaving face, showing off, or curing their blues by renting family members, friends, partners, and hot guys to wipe away their tears.

So according to a Youtube Channel, Asian Boss, the country where you can pay a woman to be your girlfriend for some hours is none other than Japan.

Furthermore, according to the popular vlog YouTube channel, they revealed that these girlfriend-rental services are becoming increasingly popular in Japan, where people can be busy overworking themselves or struggling to connect with people in the world offline.

Now you may be wondering whether if these women (Girlfriend-for-hire) are prostitutes?

No, they're not prostitutes and in fact, they have specific rules that you must follow whenever you want their company. The services they offer are seen below:

1. They can follow you to watch a movie in a cinema house.

2. They can cook for you.

3. They can take pictures with you.

4. They can hangout with you as much as you want (Though they charge per hour).

In Japan most of these girlfriends-for-hire charge at least $10 (USD) per hour for the company she provides you with. There are some Japanese designated apps where you can see their servicesand and if you feel lonely or rejected, you can call them to be your girlfriend for some hours.

N:B: Mind you they're not prostitutes; for if you make any sexual advancements on them, they can sue you for damages.

Note: Images used for reference purposes only.

Source to this article: Asian Boss (YouTube Channel).

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