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6 Fantastic Things That Give Couples Satisfaction In Bed Without Making Love.

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There are fantastic ideas about utilizing your bedtime productively and creatively. The bed, especially for couples, is a romantic platform for exercising conjugal duties.

If we understand the other potential activities the bed offers, apart from making love, we would cherish every bit of time spent on it.

The bed is not only for copulation; there are other fun activities to do on it. Marriage needs to be spiced up with some other bedroom varieties apart from making love. Here are other fantastic things you could do in your bed with your spouse to spice up your relationship:

1. Seeing movies together:

You can have a great time in bed by watching movies together using your mobile devices or bedroom television. Enjoy this moment with some light refreshment like popcorn. Make your bedroom the best cinema you could ever visit together.

2. Gaming together:

There are many games to play together. Examples include scrabble, whot, chess, play station, etc. Go for your favourites. It excites your brain and relaxes your mind in a fun manner. You can make some romantic bets - who wins receives a body massage, etc.

3. Studying together:

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Seek out a common interest in the study and engage yourself with your spouse. You can lie down or sit close to each other in bed while you read out loud or in your mind. You can study the Bible together this way in the morning or night.

4. Pillow tussle:

Once in a while, childhood pranks are necessary for our marital lives. Come on, jump around with your spouse in bed. Throw your pillows at each other and engage in a pillow tussle. It reminds you of the good old childhood days and refreshes your marriage.

5. Communion with your God:

The Bible said that one shall chase a thousand, and two ten thousand. There is a tremendous power made available when couples pray together. Your bed could be your prayer altar where you could pray with your spouse.

6. Dispute resolution:

Your bed could be your court of law for settling quarrels in marriage. It is advised you have court sittings before sleeping in the night. For this to be effective, ensure you don't have separate rooms as a couple; share the same room. It wouldn't be a bad idea to seal up sittings with copulation.

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