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Lady Who Said All Men Are For The Streets Gets Engaged 4 Years Later (Photos)

Men and women have their pattern for insulting the other gender but with sweet words. The men will say "Bitches ain't sh*t" while the ladies would say "All men are for the streets". That has been the new pattern of thought and it has scarred both gender from getting into a serious relationship. First off, thinking such way gets onenowhere. It only lives you single and unhappy for the rest of your life, just like the way it did for Chey Kelcie.

Chey is one hustling businesswoman and student at the same time, who has no time for boys because she believes "All men are for the streets". Cher is a shoe and bag designer with her own company "House Of Nyne". She designed the shoes models wore for the New York Fashion Week 2020, which is a big gig and so much work at the same time.

Chey has been a busy woman and made no time for men because she feels they all belong to the streets. But when God says it is time to meet your partner, even your stubbornness can't hold back.

Chey got engaged late April, and is set to get married to the love of her life this summer. In 2017, she was ranting on how less useful men are and fast forward to four years later, she is getting married. She really did the women dirty.

If you are young man or woman and still holding on to this thought pattern, you have to let it go or you won't find happiness or a true partner. It takes you nowhere and only leaves you miserable for the rest of your life.

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