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Our Chances Of Getting Married Was Ruined When Our Test Result Revealed This (FICTION)

Please ensure you know your genotype and rhesus factor before you fall in love deeply.

I have been a nice and decent lady and I don't mess around. I resolved within myself not to enter into any relationship until I am done with school. My first ever relationship ended pretty early as I never had an experience on how to handle relationship heat.

I got books on relationship and read them so as to know how a relationship work and about 7 months later, I entered a new relationship. The guy I am dating is 28, while I am 24 years old. I so much love him so deeply that I can't think I can leave him for any other guy.

Our love grew and waxed strong day-after-day and we were both fond of ourselves. He said he would love to settle down and he assured me that our relationship was heading towards the right direction. When he got a job at a bank, he proposed and I had no choice than to accept him.

I knew fully well that my genotype is AS but was unsure of my blood group. Whenever any man approaches me, the first question I normally ask is: "what is your genotype"? so that I won't raise any child that will suffer. But his case was different as we never discussed about our genotype in our relationship. It was only after he proposed that we got to know that we both have the genotype AS.

We were advised to run a test for both genotype and blood group. The test results revealed and confirmed that we are both AS and that he has blood group O, with a rhesus antigen (O+), while I have the blood group O, without a rhesus antigen (O-).

We left the laboratory and went to meet the doctor who explained our test result in detail. He advised us not to get married because we both have the genotype "AS" and there is a chance of giving birth to a sickle cell anemic child. He also said since he is O+ and I am O- that complications can also arise from rhesus factor incompatibility which could lead to hemolytic disease of the new born.

Now I am heartbroken, but I just have to accept my flaws for not asking in the first place. It is hard to let go, but situations necessitate it. I am confused and don't even know my next move.

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