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If A Lady Eventually Gives You Any Of These 4 Things, Then She's Falling For You.

As a man, there are some things a lady will give you that will make you understand that she has feelings for you, even though she hasn't told you how she feels about you. I will be listing those things below. 

1. Food. 

Once you start notice that she always bring food for you every day after she finished cooking that's a sign that she loves you, because people do say a way through a man heart is through is stomach, once you start noticing that she do bring food to you at home or at work or whenever she visits you she does make sure that she cooks something for you to eat, I know most lady normally do it out of care, but many do it because they are already in love with you. 

2. Special nicknames. 

When a lady starts calling you nicknames and stops calling you your name, that shows that she has feelings for you, but sometimes she does call you those names because she so much enjoys your company, but most times she has already started having feelings for you. 

3. Time. 

Most ladies are very busy type, but she still makes out time to spend quality time with you that shows that because she loves you, if she doesn't love you she won't make out time or leave what she's doing just to stay with you, that shows that she's gradually developing feelings for you at that moment what you have to so is to ask her out on a date. 

4. Distance. 

She doesn't give you distance whenever she's around, she would like to be with you, but once someone calls her your girlfriend, she will get upset not because she doesn't love you but because you haven't asked her out, and she's expecting it, so you have to act fast and ask her to become your girlfriend. 

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