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4 Relationship Lifestyles Of A Man That Satisfy Ladies.

The lifestyle of a person reveals how one perceives life. It consists of your attitude, behaviour and habit. It is our lifestyles that define our class. 

A relationship is a game that involves two different persons with diverse lifestyles. Compatibility is the existence of harmony between the different lifestyles of partners in a relationship. 

A man's lifestyle could marr or make a relationship. Real men are associated with some outstanding lifestyles that guarantee a long lasting relationship. It is pertinent to understudy such lifestyles in this article.

1.A Chaser Lifestyle:

Chasers are getters. In a relationship, the man is the hunter and the woman, the hunted. It is the natural desire of a woman to be chased by a man; it brings a sense of fulfilment for her. To the ladies, it is a sign they attract their man.

Chasing a lady shouldn't stop after she has accepted to be in a courtship. Also, it shouldn't stop after marriage. Chasers keep wooing and giving her surprises with goodies and varieties as though her heart has not been won. A lady is satisfied when she is always chased by her man.

2. An Initiator Lifestyle:

Every relationship has stages and phases. Each next phase has to be initiated. An initiator is proactive and doesn't wait to be pushed or cajoled into taking initiatives. Ladies enjoy this type of man. He keeps the ball rolling on any matter.

A man that takes initiatives is not scared of responsibilities. He takes the lead, hence, ladies derive satisfaction from such a lifestyle of his.

3. A Fixer Lifestyle:

This lifestyle acknowledges that no relationship or person is perfect. There are challenging times in life. We need to fix one or two things to have our desire. A fixer doesn't run away from relationship issues when it arises.

He is a problem solver, organiser and resolver. It is expected of a man to have necessary things fixed in a relationship. Such things could be dates, issues, occasions, etc. Having a man with such a lifestyle is second to none.

4. A Lover Lifestyle:

A lover has an emotional and physical attraction towards you; truly a spouse. He shares his time with you in a lovely, affectionate and romantic way. He is open to you and tells you deep things about himself to make you understand him better. He has a special way of making you feel loved and cherished. He is the dream of every lady.

As a man, you will satisfy your spouse when you play the lifestyle of a chaser, initiator, fixer, and lover.

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