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2 Strong Reasons You Should Hold On To The Person That Truly Loves You

It's a dead giveaway that a lady no longer cares about you if she quits pleading for your attention. We all know that women today demand more attention from men than ever before, but if she stops asking for it and acts as if you don't exist in her world, it's over.

It will be easier to move on from a relationship problem if you realise it early on.

Many people enjoy toying and joking with other people's feelings without regard for how that person feels or how much they have harmed that person, unaware that they are slowly losing someone and something valuable. Why do you still take that person for granted if he or she displeases himself or herself and accepts humiliation from you just to please you and show you how much he or she loves and cares for you?

You may adore that individual, but your pride and ego may cause you to lose him or her. Don't let your foolishness and pride cause you to lose someone or something nice before you consider of misbehaving, my darling. It is preferable to love someone who actually loves you and will go to great lengths to make you happy, rather than someone you adore but who does not love or care about you. As a result, even if you don't like that person, you should think about these reasons why you should stay with someone who truly loves you and will go to great lengths to make you happy and comfortable.


They say that opportunity comes just once, but from my own experience, I don't believe that. From my own personal perspective, I believe that a wonderful and good opportunity may only come once, but it does not indicate that it will not occur again. But it just implies that numerous possibilities will present themselves, but none will be identical to the first. If you take someone who actually loves you for granted, you will meet and fall in love with other women or men, but they will never be the same as the first person you lost.


It is stated that people don't realise how valuable their possessions are until they lose them. You will regret losing a person who actually loves and cares for you because of your ego and stupidity, and it will be too late before you realise your faults or consider getting that person back.

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