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4 Signs A Girl Likes You But She Is Trying To Hide It

Most times it is difficult for women to express their feelings to the man they love because they are afraid that the man might reject them or take advantage of them. But no matter how a woman tries to hide her feelings from the man she loves, there are some certain signs she will exhibit to express her feelings to the man she loves.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some certain signs that show a woman likes you but she is trying to hide it.

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1) She always wants to be around you

When a lady likes you, she will always want to be around you even when she didn't open up to you that she likes you. A woman who always wants to be around you is a great sign she likes you.

2) She always compliments you

A lady that likes you will always compliment you. A compliment is a great way of telling someone you like them. So when a lady always compliments you it's a sign she likes you.

3) She is always eager to assist you

This is another great sign a lady will show to express her likeness to you without telling you. A woman will not be eager to assist a man she doesn't like because she feels it is a waste of time. So you should know that this is a sign a lady likes you when she is always eager to assist you.

4) She always seeks for your opinions

A lady that doesn't like you will not seek your opinions. When a lady likes you she would always want to seek your opinion. This is another great way of expressing her likeness to you.

We hope this article will be of great help to you.

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