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For women - do this 5 things if you want to keep your man

Dating Advice: Do you want to keep a man's attention? don't do this

What's the least attractive thing you can do when you're out with 

a guy and want to keep his eyes on you?

a) reach over during dinner and grab a fistful of his curly fries without being invited

b) pick your teeth at the table after dinner

c) eye another woman who you perceive as a potential rival up and 


The answer is definitely 'c' (although 'a' and 'b' are pretty repellent, too

So many women make the mistake of giving other females the once-over 

that slow look that travels from the top of the victim's 

head to her toes when she walks into a guy's airspace. Such women 

establish themselves as jealous, insecure, and easily controlled 

(substandard men will use jealousy to control you, absolutely).

I don't care if the other woman who walks past your table is 

Angelina Jolie.

Your job is to notice her matter-of-factly and go back to your 

curly fries. If she stops at your table and says 'hello,' look 

her in the eye, smile warmly, and say 'hello' back. Make small talk. 

Yeah, she's gorgeous. Yeah, you might have put on five pounds and 

neglected to touch up your roots three days too long. I don't care. You're 

gorgeous, too, and you have to keep that in mind.


If the guy you're with notices another woman and comments, 

"Wow, she's pretty," your response should be, "Yeah, she really is."

Then go back to your curly fries and change the subject.

Now, if you're out with a guy, and he's giving other women the slow 

once-over, he's a problem that should be immediately discarded. Don't put yourself 

in the position of competing for his attention. Your attitude has to be, "I am special, and you'd be very lucky to have me. Always.

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