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MARRIAGE ADVICE: If Your Blood Type is AS You Should Not Marry From These Other Genotypes

Before getting married you and your partner need to be sure of your Genotype. If your blood type is AS, don’t marry from these two genotypes:

Generally, 3 basic Genotype exists which are AA, AS and SS. AA is compatible with AS and SS and can freely marry from either.

However AS blood genotype do not have the liberty to just marry from any blood type because of the increased chances of having a child with sickle cell anaemia

1 Don’t Marry From SS

As an AS, getting married to someone with the blood type SS will increase the likelihood of having kids that have sickle cell.

That may not always be the case as their is a slim chance of having kids that are equally AS.

2 Don’t Marry From AS

Getting married to someone with the blood type AS also poses a risk because one or more of your kids may have the sickle cell anaemia.

In summary AA can marry AS and SS freely

AS can marry AA freely

SS can marry AA freely

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