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I Don't Know How To Tell My Daughter Who Has Struggled With Infertility That I Am Pregnant (Fiction)

I am recently married. My husband has no kids, and that i have always wanted another, so we started trying to conceive right before our wedding.

We didn't expect to urge pregnant so soon. We didn't even know if we could get pregnant at our ages, but we did. Currently i'm 10 weeks.

We were so happy and thrilled until i assumed of my daughter. I gave birth to my daughter once I was much younger and she or he is now a grown woman who is married.

She and her husband are trying to possess a baby for a short time and recently started their IVF journey.

I feel so guilty for being pregnant. If anyone is it should be her. i can not imagine what she is going to think when she finds out her mom is pregnant at 40+ while she has struggled in her 20s to urge pregnant.

I don't skills to inform her this. I even have considered it for weeks and that i still do not know the way to even start this conversation..

Is there any great way or less bad way on behalf of me to start out this conversation and tell her?

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