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Read What Angela Nwosu Said A Lady Hid From Her Boyfriend For 2 Years That Sparked Reactions Online

At some point in life we make mistakes that are difficult to correct, some of these mistakes leave a lifetime impact in our lives, while others can easily be corrected when one finds his/her right bearing in life. Having a child out of wedlock which can be as a result of a consent-based making of love or a forcefully getting ones way through a lady. Pregnancy that results from the latter is always difficult to keep, most especially when the lady was forcefully bedded by 'men of the night' whose identity are unknown.

Despite the fact that such pregnancy is hard to keep, some people still resolve to keep them because of their religious beliefs. Some ladies happen to get pregnant for a guy they once dated and maybe due to family pressure, they were forced to keep the pregnancy and give birth to the child, thus making them a single mother.

These single mothers can find love again and most times they tell their partner the mistake they once made that got them pregnant and made them to have a child out of wedlock, while some single mothers hid their child from their partner or spouse by telling them that he/she is her sibling or Nephew/Niece. In a recent post by the Spiritualist, Angela Nwosu on Facebook, a lady has lost her relationship of 2 years on the day of her introduction after her fiance discovered that she has a child.

From her post on Facebook, ReignJerry gathered that the lady has a 10-Year-Old son who probably stays with the lady's mother at home. It is believed that she told her boyfriend who she has been dating for food 2 years that the 10-Year-Old boy is her mother's last child, only for him to find out on the day of her introduction that she is the mother of the baby.

The lady probably his such thing from him so that she can find love again because most men may not want to settle down with a single mother, but the truth is that it is not a crime to have a child out of wedlock, where the problem comes in is when one lies about it. There are still some men that will accept a lady and her child as his own and take good care of them.

Some Nigerians who reacted to what she posted blamed the lady for hiding such a sensitive thing from the man as some of them said there is every tendency for her to conceal more things from the man. It is not clear if the introduction was still successful, but from all indications, it is most likely that it didn't hold again.

To the ladies out there, will you be willing to reveal to you man that you have a child out of wedlock and for the men, will you accept a lady who has a child already?

Source: Angela Nwosu's Facebook Page

Content created and supplied by: ReignJerry (via Opera News )

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