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5 Things Most Women Hate But Won't Tell You

Couples are supposed to be able to open up to each other but there are certain things you just have to keep to yourself for peace to reign. They are things your partner does and you don't like but you might not be able to tell him or her, to avoid offending them. Here are 3 things your woman hates but she won't tell you:

1. Talking About Your Past Relationships

You would make a woman feel unimportant if you always talk about your ex and past relationships. She might not tell you that she dislikes it but she's definitely not comfortable with it. Though she might want to know about exes but she wouldn't feel comfortable when you're talking about yours always. Try and minimize it.

2. Flirting With Another Lady In Her Presence

The girl might be your friend or your wife's friend but you shouldn't flirt with her in front of your wife. It is something men often do and it has caused misunderstanding in many relationships today. It is a lack of disrespect to your wife. You have to stop it.

3. Allowing Distractions Affect Your Communication

You can't keep pressing your phone and chatting on social media when you are discussing with your wife. You might feel that you cannot control what you do but she does not like it. If she has the power, she would have stopped it. As a man, you need to minimize it.

4. Deciding Not To Eat Her Food

There is no crime in deciding not to eat your wife's food but when it becomes too frequent, you are endangering your relationship. You keep giving your food to your kids and you make your wife think you're eating somewhere else. It is something most women dislike because they spend much time cooking that food

5. Evil Communication

The kind of people you associate with determines the kind of man you are. No woman would like her husband to associate with evil and bad men. She might not be able to control you but she's definitely not happy about it.

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